Apple iPhone X Oled Displays To Be Supplied By LG As Well As Samsung

Samsung has been the sole supplier of OLED displays for Apple’s iPhone X since launch, that is apparently about to change.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple is also now using LG Display for OLED displays for its iPhone X handsets.

LG Display will apparently supply Apple between two and four million units of the OLED displays at first. This will be increased over time if Apple is happy with the displays.

This would be a good move for Apple, who have had to previously rely only on Samsung for OLED displays on their iPhone. Having two suppliers will reduce Apple’s reliance on Samsung, it could also help bring the price its is paying for these displays down.

We are expecting three new iPhone X handsets from Apple this year, one will be an LCD iPhone with a 6.1 inch display. The other two will be OLED iPhones with a 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch display. We are expecting these new iPhones in September.

Source Bloomberg

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