2018 iPhone X Handsets Will Come With Embedded SIM and Standard SIM Slots

The three new 2018 iPhone X handsets are expected to launch in September, the devices will apparently come with a standard SIM card slot and an Embedded Apple SIM.

The embedded SIM from Apple was introduced in 2014 on Apple’s cellular iPad and now Apple is planning to use the technology in this years iPhone X handsets. The device will also come with a standard SIM card slot.

We are expecting three different versions of the 2018 iPhone X this year, one with a 6.1 inch LCD display and the other two with OLED displays. The OLED displays on the new iPhones are said to measure 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches.

The design of these new iPhones is said to be similar to that of the existing iPhone X, all three models will come with a notch. The LCD iPhone X is said to feature a single lens rear camera and the OLED models are expected to come with dual lens rear cameras.

The LCD iPhone will be the cheapest of the three, the device is expected to cost between $600 and $700. The other two models are expected to cost between $800 and $1,000. All three models will come with a new Apple processor and they will also come with Apple’s iOS 12 software. We are expecting these new iPhones to go on sale some time in September.

Source MacRumors

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